Review: MacUpdater

Note: Version 2 has been released; Version 1 has been discontinued

Mac apps installed from Apple’s official Mac App Store are updated automatically – ensuring that your apps are running with the latest bug-fixes and security patches.

MacUpdater is a management solution for third party apps installed from sources outside the Mac App Store.

Fourteen months of active testing, I have only positive things to say about MacUpdater:

  • Very reasonably priced one-time purchase
  • Regularly updated to accommodate changes introduced by new versions of macOS, to augment existing features and to fix software problems
  • Follows Apple’s macOS guidelines, so it is well-behaved and energy efficient
  • Accompanying website ( is informative and up-to-date
  • Developers are skilled programmers, love the Mac, are very responsive, helpful and moral

MacUpdater runs unobtrusively in the background, scanning your apps regularly and notifying you of any available updates.

MacUpdater is available as a one-time purchase from the talented developers at CoreCode:

  • $15 – Standard Edition – up to 4 Macs owned by a single person
  • $35 – Pro Edition – up to 7 Macs owned by single person/family
  • $00 – Free Edition – scans installed apps, reports available updates, won’t install updates
  • $35 – Business Edition – for one Mac
  • Upgrade pricing is available for customers who bought MacUpdater 1 in 2020

Developer: CoreCode
Download Page for MacUpdater
Date of Review: 3 January 2021